Different Types of Excavators!!

Modern excavators are designed to operate in tight spaces and come with abundant higher features that ensure to decrease downtime and enlarge safety and productivity of the job task. Excavator hired in Melbourne is not used at the construction site but also is appropriate for other applications too.

These Bobcat machines in Melbourne are used for non-digging applications like as demolition, rivers dredging, heavy lifting, material handling and driving piles. Here are different types of excavators to match different needs of service providers.

Different types of excavators

Compactor Excavator – Excavators are known as heavy duty machines consisting of a house, boom, undercarriage, stick and a bucket and are used for digging holes, foundation, trenches, slewing and an undercarriage- which acts as a major support for the workgroup. This excavator hire in Melbourne is enabled by an elevated hydraulic fluid which is powered by hydraulic cylinders.

Crawler Excavator – This is a large machine powered by high horsepower. Crawler Excavator is build to perform the heavy task such as mining and is commonly used by the contractors.

Dragline Excavator – There are two types in this machine: lifting cranes and heavy duty built on the construction site. Lifting crane- used for road and pond construction. Heavy duty built on site – used in the mining of tar and sand. It has boom and bucket attachments.

Long Reach Excavator – This bobcat machine features a long arm attachment which is suited for destruction activities and has the capability to reach the top of buildings.

Suction Excavator – These machines are designed to pick up and clear rubbish on land through the suction pipe. The suction pipe has unique feature teeth used to cut the earth during excavation task.

With the wide range of attachments and usage, excavators are considered to be versatile and thus they are used in various industries for various applications.