Choose the Right Oil and Grease for Your Equipment!!

When you deal with equipments that are used in earthmoving, excavation and drilling, you need to choose the right oil and grease for your equipment. Maintaining your bobcat tipper hire Melbourne equipments is a big deal and oiling and greasing it on regular basis will surely give you the desired quality services.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s emissions regulations, the utilization of higher-grade engine oil is obligatory to maintain proper engine performance. An advantage of the newer oils is that they’re perfect for use in Bobcat engines.

Let’s look into two characteristics at time of choosing the right engine oil for your Bobcat Melbourne equipment:

Oil Categories:-

  • Types of oils used for diesel engine starts with “C” and are meant for the four-stroke diesels and high speed.
  • To avoid any negative impact on the new technology based engine’s durability choose oils proposed for durability and high speed.

Viscosity Matching:-

  • Viscosity matching is to increase the output & efficiency of your snow pushers.
  • If the viscosity rating of the oil is best matching with the outside temperatures of the working environment; it is expected it to be constantly ice-cold.
  • With harsh weather circumstances like as 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the best recommended oil is 5W-40 weight synthetic oil.

 Hydraulic and Hydrostatic Oils:-

Hydraulic and hydrostatic oils are invented to meet the increasing requirements placed on hydraulic machinery, and let’s see the various types of fluids that can be chosen for varying equipments:

  • High-Performance — classically for a custom blend of high-quality lubricants considered to supply peak flow at freezing weather conditions at the same time maintaining stability throughout the high temperature condition.
  • Synthetic — a much advanced liquid technology that is designed to optimize rotation times and productivity of Bobcat Melbourne. It also gives good cold weather fluidity for weather changes.
  • Biodegradable — this is launched to meet client requirement, project related to environment restrictions as federal, state and local governments has set. To reduce the potential for environmental damage, the eco-friendly, non-toxic is formulated.


Do remember that some Bobcat equipments require grease as a lubricant. Some points needs to be greased so that not only the heavy-duty but the high-performance is achieved.

The right type of grease and oils will surely help to extend the life of Bobcat equipments. The Bobcat services Melbourne provider needs to consider the importance of oil and grease that is very necessary to maintain the machinery.